Supernova LED Lights

Benefits of Supernova LED Lights

If you are an off-road enthusiast looking for LED lighting, there is good news here. The price of Supernova LED lights has become more affordable in recent times. LED lights are brighter and last longer than halogen bulbs, in the long run, making them more cost-effective. Supernova LEDs have not only become cheaper but are renowned for their superior quality when compared to regular LED light brands. If you currently have halogen bulbs as your off-road vehicle’s lighting, it is pertinent to realise that they offer poor performance compared to LEDs and are prone to heat. It is further necessary to note that LEDs are measured in lumens, so be sure to check the specs before you swap them out from your old halogen bulbs. Supernova offers a range of off-road LED lighting options, including Parallax LED work lights and Commander double row lights.

The apparent advantages of Supernova lighting make them a no-brainer choice for your off-road excursions. Most LED bulb manufacturers include plug-and-play options so switching over is a simple process. It now makes more sense than ever before to change your old halogen bulbs for LEDs in your off-road vehicle. And best of all is the twelve-month local warranty on all LEDs.


What to Consider When Buying Quad LED Lights

These types of LEDs do the job for off-road vehicles that need serious lighting power. These lights can shine to extreme distances while providing significant foreground coverage around your off-road vehicle.

  • Quad optics bring increased reflector surface, a symmetrical beam pattern, and greater output intensity.
  • Quad lighting is most useful for off-road riding, trail riding, mudding and high-speed racing. If any of these are your game, then you seriously need to consider your outdoor lighting needs. Knowing your primary usage will help you choose the best quad lights for your ATV or off-road vehicle.
  • Ensure that it is legal to use this type of lighting in your specific territory. If you are driving primarily off-road and not on public roads, you should be fine but make sure before investing.


What You Should Know About Hybrid LED Lights

A nifty combination of the traditional look of an incandescent light bulb along with the efficiency and power saving qualities of an LED gives you a hybrid light. Supernova hybrid pattern is a one hundred and eighty-degree flood with hyper-spot well suited for your outdoor off-road needs.

  • As with all types of LEDs, hybrids bring energy efficiency, saving you on costs over their lifespan, especially if you require constant lighting and the latest Supernova design is twenty-four percent brighter.
  • They provide an all-in-one combination beam pattern and unique lighting capabilities for specific or more complex situations.
  • These light bulbs are almost indestructible and feature a lifetime warranty guarantee due to their stainless steel fasteners and brackets.


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