• Reverse camera specifically designed for the Golf Mk5 & Mk6.
  • Badge flips up while in reverse.
  • Static tracks display on your head unit.
  • OEM Grade
  • CCD Optical sensor made in Japan 
  • Water, Dust & Shock Proof

Package Includes:

- Camera

- 1M Power Cable

- 6M RCA Video Cable

- Drain-pipe

- Instruction Manual

- MIB Camera Adapter


This unit requires coding via VCDS using a VAG-COM cable after installation to activate the Rear View Camera on your head unit.

This camera is the RCA version designed to work with Aftermarket Radios and the RCD330/RCD340/RCD360

If your car has an in-built RCD510/RNS315 or RNS510 head unit, it will more than likely be an RGB (26 Pin) connection (Image Below) and will need an adapter to work. You can find that adapter here

If your car has an RCD330/RCD330+/RCD340/RCD360 or aftermarket radio it will be an RCA connection 

If you are unsure what connection your head unit has, please don't hesitate to contact us.


**Black/White Plug is RGB (26 Pin)**

Please Note: We do not offer installation support for this product. We highly recommend using an auto electrician to install this product.

Static Rear View Flip Camera Retrofit for Golf Mk5/Mk6

We offer an installation service in Perth, WA. Contact us to find out more.

Brand Euro Upgrades
Shipping Weight 0.8000kg

Golf R VI APR Stage 2+

By: on 30 January 2021
The factory based reverse view flip camera in the Golf R VI, has what can only be said to be problematic issues, unless the factory camera was fixed on an earlier recall by VW, and since that was an age ago, a new replacement camera today cost in the vicinity of $1200AUD and that doesn't include the service fee to install it at your local VW dealer! My R is a 2011 model in Rising Blue, 0-100 consistently 4.1, 19" HR Madinas in Black gloss on ContiSportContact 5Ps, is well looked after inside and out as I was a car detailer of Hyper and Supercars and have recently moved on to a career as an Options Trader using Sean Allisons Cash Flow Options System (best in the world for getting into the illusive 10% of traders globally) so I can buy my own exotic wheels and not just one! Neal at Euro Upgrades provided the Retrofit Camera upgrade that I bought when on Black Day sales and then I had it installed by a 'competent' Audio Electrician in Brisbane. The Camera picture is great, better than the original and the Orientation guidelines are in colour...green, yellow, blue and red but the niffty trick to see them in your picture requires the Auto Electrician to snip the looped white wire as well as ensuring they remember to connect the drain-pipe. My Golf was running the RNS510 Head Unit so I also had to buy the RGB (26 Pin) adapter that Neal has highlighted at the bottom of the page for the camera to ensure it worked. If you are in Brisbane and want this unit installed or anything else you purchase from Neal here at Euro Upgrades then contact Ron Keats at Mobile Installations on 0404 578 377, I went through 2 other AE's to find Ron and he is experienced, fair and knows what he's doing. I know this recommendation is long but as good and as wonderful as Neal's products are, finding someone who know's how to install them correctly is pivotal to the success and enjoyment of having these upgrade marvels work and do their thing. I recommend Euro Upgrades and Neal as he is easy to speak to, and his products are of the highest quality. Blessings, Will Ps. Ensure you download all Euro Upgrade instructions for your products for your AE to read as well, send them to the Euro Upgrade web page for them to look at the product you purchased as well as asking Neal sensible questions on the product and his guidance on installation as well since he is also an A1 AE. Later.

Reverse camera Mk5 Golf

By: on 23 April 2020
Excellent customer service Good value Install was a bit tricky due to rear wiper motor location but worth the effort Happy with the end result


By: on 7 January 2020
I purchased the RCD330 with the suggested adapter for my MK5 along with black badges and the LED kit. PERFECT SERVICE!!! Every question I asked (a lot of them) were answered quickly and correctly, nothing was too hard for them. Everything came carefully packed and wrapped! And was super easy to install. Everything works flawlessly, I am very confident if something didn’t work the way it was supposed to they would have no issue resolving it!!! Could not recommend highly enough! Thanks again guys look forward to my next purchase!

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