Reverse Camera Delay Timer Box
- To supply stabilised 12V DC power to the rear camera.
- Delayed Power Supply for 10 Seconds (Holds the Camera Open for 10 Seconds)
- Delay Timer Length: 30cm
- RCA Video Conversion Cable Length: 23cm 

This Delay Timer will only fir VW PQ35/46 RCD330 Plus & RCD340 No OPS(Optical Parking System) Module MIB Cars.
When reversing image appears on MIB PQ (without OPS),  the image will be displayed on the screen for 8 seconds when you reverse the car. 8 seconds if no camera video signal, MIB will take it as system failure! Generally our Cameras are powered by reverse light, when we take out the reverse light there will be no power supply, so the display shows fault a code! So again when you set back the reverse gear, the screen will not display the reverse image again! This product can delay power supply for 10 seconds, and only the last record of the trigger time delay will be recorded.
the perfect solution to the problem of MIB reversing.
Please Note: We do not offer installation support for this product. We highly recommend using an auto electrician to install this product.
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A life saver

By: on 8 January 2020
Installed new reverse camera and head unit. Took power from the head unit and it worked intermittently and the unit was very hot, then ran power from the reverse lights instead. The reverse screen became a flickering slideshow. Talked with Neal, got this box and hooked it up (Neal’s going to add some instructions). Now the camera works as it should. Installed in 2012 Jetta.

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