Car Multimedia System

Upgrade Your Car Multimedia System for Better Interactivity

Perhaps you have noticed that we no longer evaluate a new car on its superior safety features or the overall power to weight ratio, but instead on the state of the infotainment system. This shift is due to high international standards, which we all now accept as the bare minimum for safety. However, infotainment features are not regulated and are totally at the manufacturer's discretion, which means that a bad review of the car multimedia system can totally sink a model.

There is also the other side: quality and well-maintained vehicles manufactured before onboard Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth became standard equipment. Replacing such a trusty ride just because the radio has only one USB port is not good economics, no matter how much you desire wireless integration with your smartphone.

Luckily it is now possible to upgrade the car multimedia player without losing the integration the original audio unit provides for accessing the electronic settings of the car.

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